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Spring 2022: Dry Eye disease is rising high in Europe (not only people working in home office are affected: do you suffer from itchy, reddish or teary eyes as well? We are offering specialized examinations for the dry eye disease to help you suffer less and find the matching therapy for your eyes in particular. Get in contact to book your appointment in English:

September:   Find our more about progressive myopia in children: we provide a full checkup including axial length measurement according to the Austrian guidelines and will update you and your child about therapy options

August:   As you need to pay our bill by yourself in the first turn, we are now offering  electronic refunding with your Health Insurance Provider in no time: the refund processing is speeded up


July:     Further Information and Screening Tests on Common Eye Conditions:

Simulation of eye diseases from the perspective of those affected :

  (provided by MEDUNI Vienna – please click on the picture)


 Determine your personal risk of glaucoma (elevated intraocular pressure):

(provided by the Austrian Ophthalmological Society, please click on the picture)


Rapid test for changes in the macula (center of vision) :

(provided by Blickpunkt Auge, please click on the picture)



Update May: If you have a headache after a Covid-19 vaccination with AstraZeneca vaccine ( Vaxzevria), go to the ophthalmologist!

The rare but dreaded sinus vein thrombosis can be recognized in up to 85% by a swelling of the optic nerve head, which your ophthalmologist can determine during the examination. If you suffer from headaches that persist for several days after the vaccination, please contact your ophthalmologist.

Here you will find the statement of the German Society of Ophthalmologists on the subject of sinus vein thrombosis

May 2021:  The ordination – including the visual school – by prior arrangement – is also open on Saturday!

April 2021 :  State-of-the-art equipment – OCT Topcon Maestro and Zeiss Clarus 500 wide-angle funduscamera enable  precise retinal examinations of the fundus WITHOUT eye drops – you can come to your appointment by your own car

March 2021:  Ordination opening of the elective doctor’s office for ophthalmology in the specialist center Neumarkt am Wallersee